Giro-organization & Banking

The giro-organization offers comprehensive services to control, secure and optimize our customers’ liquidity. Our specialists take over the entire banking business in the area of ​​account management for clearing accounts in USD and EUR as well as processing payment flows in the  systems SIC and euro-SIC.

In “banking” with correspondent and transaction banking, we complete our account and transaction processing offering in the Bank4Bank service.

SIC/euro-SIC connection

We are an interface provider for the RTGS payment systems SIC and euro-SIC recognized by SIX Interbank Clearing AG. This enables payments between financial institutions to be processed in real time and on a gross basis. In addition to the SIC connection, Alliance Digital Corporate Banque LTD offers comprehensive support and outsourcing of functions for our customers. Our solution is a modular and flexible structure that focuses on customer needs and the special features of our customers. This allows our customers to choose the solution that is right for them, from a simple gateway to comprehensive participation in the Giro Central.

your benefits

1-Reliable SIC/euro-SIC connection

2-Service consistently tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized banks

Giro organization of the World regional banks


In our function as recognized giro center, we process the banks’ payment transactions and manage the corresponding giro and sight accounts for them. In addition to uniform access to SIC and euro*SIC, central processing also includes the pooling of payment flows and internal clearing. As a c bank, we can grant credit limits and participating banks can have their liquidity managed by us. We also offer our customers cost-effective, reliable market access tailored to their needs. Alliance Digital Corporate Banque LTD operates the regional bank repo market together with SIX, acts as a counterparty in OTC derivative transactions to hedge interest rate and currency risks and offers trading in fixed and call money, foreign exchange, precious metals and USD/EUR bonds.

Foreign payment transactions – correspondent banking

We maintain a comprehensive network of correspondent banks for our services in the area of ​​foreign payment transactions and are therefore the ideal partner for small and medium-sized banks for cross-border payments. With the corresponding accounts in up to 30 possible currencies, your securities transactions can also be easily processed.

banks can easily participate in the SWIFT network via our SWIFT connection with an eleven-digit branch BIC at favorable conditions. Since  Alliance Digital Corporate Banque LTD maintains the RMA network, there are no bank-related tasks in this area. Furthermore, the connection enables a direct exchange of all messages in the entire interbank traffic.

Your benefits

1. 18 currencies for processing cross-border payments

2. Fast access to the SWIFT network and to the know-how of our specialists

3. Tailor-made and modularly expandable service reference


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