Trading & Treasury

We offer numerous useful money and capital market products so that you always have the liquidity you need and at the same time comply with regulatory requirements. We also have the right instruments for you to hedge interest rate and currency risks.

Your benefits

1-You always have the necessary liquidity in your accounts.

2-You determine the level of interest rate and currency risks.

3-Thanks to our own asset liability management, your risks can be analyzed precisely. This allows us to implement your strategy directly.


With Alliance Digital Corporate Banque LTD you get a competent and reliable partner who takes over the management and operational processing of your vested benefits or pillar 3a foundation.P

PRIVOR Foundation 3rd pillar

Close pension gaps and enjoy a carefree retirement: The PRIVOR Foundation 3rd pillar is managed by Alliance Digital Corporate Banque LTD  Your customer benefits from tax savings and also has access to an attractive range of funds.

Find out more about the services of the PRIVOR Foundation 3rd pillar. Our regional banking partners will be happy to help you open a pension account.

PRIVOR Vested Benefits Foundation

The PRIVOR vested benefits account is the right choice for maintaining pension protection in the event of vested benefits. The product grants the legally defined possibilities of pension protection. Here, too, your customers have an attractive range of funds to choose from.

Find out more about the benefits of the PRIVOR Vested Benefits Foundation. Our regional banking partners will be happy to help you open a vested benefits account.


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